Letters from our readers

On “Peterborough: Thousands apply for just 20 jobs


In reading of the thousands who lined up for 20 jobs I was reminded of the necessity of unemployment in a capitalist economy. They need unemployed workers, the more the better because these will be desperate. The high rate is then used as a cudgel against workers who currently have jobs in order to make them accept wage cuts, shift changes, increased work hours and increased workloads.


Vance O
California, USA
12 April 2012

On “SEP campaigns among immigrant workers in Maywood, California


Hi Kimie Saito and Ramon Valle!


This article, like many others that have appeared on the WSWS, is another wonderful example of socialist journalism at its best. The efforts of the WSWS and SEP aimed at introducing working people to socialist perspectives by listening to their needs and concerns are magnificent.


Jeremy W
California, USA
12 April 2012

On “European court’s extradition ruling and Guantanamo’s global reach


Here is what I read elsewhere on this:


The Strasbourg court rejected those claims, saying in a ruling today that “detention conditions and length of sentences of five alleged terrorists would not amount to ill-treatment if they were extradited to the USA”.


So everything is fine as long as these people are labeled terrorists. That seems to be the logic.


When I talk to ordinary Americans about the erosion of democratic rights, I hear the sentiment “but that is only for terrorists”. It shows how little information is made available to the American public.


Thank you for this reporting you do. More and more people will see that there is no other place where they can learn anything of political importance.


13 April 2012

On “US television personality Mike Wallace dead at 93”


The WSWS article does an admirable job on the issue of whether the capitalist system and its profit motive corrupted Mike Wallace and by implication the rest of the “60 Minutes” crew. There is one area of Wallace’s career now obscured by more flashy moments that bears additional mention. In the mid 1970s, Wallace traveled to Syria and produced a program entitled, I believe “Syria: Israel’s Toughest Adversary”. Surprisingly, for the tenor of the time Wallace attempted to and was at least somewhat successful in producing an accurate portrait of life in the Syrian state including, its Jewish minority. The report focused on the political control exercised by the Ba’ath Party, and on the nature of state socialism as practiced by that party. Understanding, or at least revisiting these issues, would be helpful today given the current crisis in Syria.



Peter L
Connecticut, USA
12 April 2012