Letters from our readers

On “Jerry White addresses election meeting in Maywood, California


Dear Mr. White,

Speaking as an Irishman, I would encourage you to continue your stand in open and direct opposition to identity politics.

Nationalism is a crucial prop to the ruling class in Ireland, dependent as it is on befuddling workers’ minds and directing them to throw in their lot with nationalism, and hence becoming the pawns of their direct class enemy—a vicious layer of aspiring lower and petty bourgeois.

Mawkish sentiment, out-and-out lies and various deceptions are used to trick workers into believing the nationalist ideology or “cause” is principled.

This concoction can also catch out those abroad who only have the nationalist view of Irish history. The majority, I believe.

It is important for workers in the major metropolitan centres of the world not to side with those that the imperialists are apparently suppressing, but to use their own class consciousness and the direction of the IC to shake off wooly ideas that undermine their own interests of class solidarity and socialist programme. When a worker, and a member of the IC, thinks of Ireland and Irish nationalism, let them keep their thoughts of the Libyan and Syrian “freedom” fighters close to hand.

The turning of the mass civil rights movement of the 60s/early 70s down the path of nationalism marked the demise of the progressive phase of the Irish “anti-imperialist” struggle. Illusions by workers in that struggle did not objectively make it something it was not.

The working class is chomping at the bit for class action.

Thank you very much for your committed campaign.


Mervyn C
14 April 2012

On “Prosecution outlines case against Zimmerman in killing of Trayvon Martin


“To prove a charge of second-degree murder, prosecutors must show that Zimmerman committed an ‘imminently dangerous’ act showing a ‘depraved’ lack of regard for human life.” This is a formula for acquittal.


14 April 2012

On “US Marines begin operations in northern Australia


I’d like to thank WSWS for highlighting the arrival of US marines in Darwin and what it means for Australia’s security. It is entirely possible that North Korea, if it did indeed point its recent failed rocket launch towards Australia, did so to warn us not to ally ourselves too closely with the US. However, the people who most need to learn that lesson—the supine lapdog Gillard government—will be the ones who ignore it. As they will also ignore the consequences of US marine activity here: the wargames that will introduce DU and other toxic pollutants into northern Australia, and the obnoxious, even criminal behaviour of US soldiers towards local women that make them unpopular in Okinawa, in Japan, and other places that host US military bases.


It is noteworthy that in 2014, Kyrgyzstan will boot the US out of the Manas air base, which the Americans are currently leasing. The Kyrgyzstan government is concerned that as long as it continues to host the Americans, it could end up being drawn into power conflicts between China and the US. At least the Kyrgyz have the good sense to force the Americans to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to lease the base. I’d be surprised if Gillard had demanded the same.


Jennifer H
14 April 2012

On “Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice: A world consumed with trade and commerce

I just read the review of Merchant of Venice. How I wish I were in Los Angeles to see this production. The review gave me fresh insight to the play, a kind of sociological, humanistic look at these characters. I shall go back and read the play again with fresh ideas on what message Shakespeare was delivering through these merchants, money lenders, lovers.

This insightful review will influence me to look more closely at these people of Venice. I see a pre-flection of the times in which we now are living.

Is there a lesson to be learned here?


Ramona R
15 April 2012