Letters from our readers

On “Two years since the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster


Call me naive, but is it because we are a capitalist society that the oil companies can suck all of our oil and gas out of our land, and sell it? Why do we not do what the OPEC countries do; they pay the oil companies for their drilling, and the country keeps their oil, to sell on the market. In this country if you own the mineral rights on your property, they cannot dig underneath you to get your coal without giving you at least part of the profit. Of course, I believe that the utilities and colleges, etc., should be owned by the government so that they are not for profit. But I have never figured out why the oil companies suck it out of our land, and sell it themselves.


Patricia G
22 April 2012


On “Anti-Indian propaganda intensifies in Sri Lanka after UN vote


Thank you for giving a different analysis of the aftermath of Indian vote in Geneva by referring to various media sources on the subject...

IMF impositions that further devastate material conditions of the life of masses can be seen in the centre of the present unendurable difficulties. Under these circumstances the current ruling group has no alternative other than arousing communal and religious feelings to divert attention of a populace, among whom the average poverty level is 40 percent if we consider per capita daily income as below $2.

Your successful attempt to collate relevant data and present a Marxist analysis on current Sri Lankan processes vis-a-vis India deserve readers’ accolade. Further, your insightful analysis is more and more substantiated by the process that is being unfolded as a result of the recent visit to the island by an Indian parliamentary group. Thank you again.


Sri Lanka
22 April 2012

On “IMF insists austerity drive must be intensified


The “Troika” to the workers: “Floggings will continue until morale improves.”


Charles H
19 April 2012

On “Washington’s real concerns over the Afghanistan atrocity photos


Dear Bill,

You correctly state that, “The American news media, controlled by powerful corporations and conditioned to act as the lapdog of the wealthy and powerful, has acted as a full partner in this exercise.”


Please bear in mind that you have an international readership. Here in the UK the state-controlled media (BBC) also acts as an open supporter of parliament, and pliant tool of imperialism.


I realise this particular example relates to the US, but to exclude state-run media when discussing the media’s crimes generally, only give ammunition to those, here in the UK, who wrongly believe that the BBC is independent.



22 April 2012

On “How Earth Made Us—a masterly BBC documentary


The BBC makes superb documentaries. It is a public service broadcaster paid for by the public under an annual licence scheme. It is always under attack by the right-wing media who would like to see it broken up or abolished, as then they could dominate the airways and reap the advertising revenues.


21 April 2012


Wonderful piece. I was unaware of this programme. The work seems very similar to the Annales school of history which takes geological formations into account when analysing human history. This is a great piece and I thank you for the education. Another wonderful aspect of the WSWS.


Vance O
California, USA
April 2012