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An appeal from Barry Grey, US editor of the WSWS

I am appealing to all readers and supporters of the World Socialist Web Site to make a generous contribution today to support and expand the work of our site.

The deepening of the world capitalist crisis and the growth of working class struggles bring new demands and challenges to a web site dedicated to providing the information, analysis and historical and theoretical knowledge required for the building of an international socialist movement.

We are determined to meet these challenges, but we need your support. I’d like to give a sense of the extent of our work.

In the midst of the European debt crisis and an unprecedented attack on working people in Greece, Spain, Italy and across the continent, the WSWS is providing on-the-spot reporting and political analysis of the pivotal French presidential election. Our web site alone will explain the social, political and historical issues underlying the election, provide political profiles of the main candidates and parties, and on this basis elaborate a way forward for the working class and youth of France and all of Europe.

We have provided on-the-spot reports on the expanding struggles of workers in Greece and other European countries.

In the US and Canada, we have carried direct coverage of important working class struggles, such as the student strike in Quebec and the the lockouts at Cooper Tire in Ohio and Caterpillar in London, Ontario. We have sought to bring the life of these struggles to our readers by means of video reports.

We have sent reporters to Florida to cover the protests against the killing of Trayvon Martin and enabled the parents of the slain teenager to speak to the public in a video interview.

The WSWS carries regular reporting and analysis of political developments and social struggles in Australia, China, India, Pakistan and the rest of Asia, as well as Africa and Latin America.

The Socialist Equality Party in the US is engaged in an intensive political intervention into the 2012 presidential election, and the WSWS has provided coverage that is not available anywhere else. We have explained the essential issues involved in this election to an international audience, exposing and opposing the Obama administration and both big business parties.

The WSWS is in the forefront of the struggle against the preparations for new wars of aggression in Syria and Iran and the threat of a global conflagration. It is likewise the primary political source for opposing the expansion of police-state measures by the Obama administration in the US.

The campaign in defense of Leon Trotsky and against the falsification of history, focused on the exposure of the recent biography of Trotsky by Robert Service, is critical to the education of a new generation of revolutionary youth and workers. It has won an enormous hearing around the world.

On questions of art and culture, the WSWS continues to provide the only genuinely Marxist critique and appreciation of films, theater and books, while exploring critical historical and theoretical issues. Again, we wish to expand our work in this field.

To maintain our staff and train new writers, photographers, video filmmakers and editors; to finance travel to cities, countries and continents to provide on-the-spot reporting and analysis; to obtain the advanced technology required to develop our web site—all of this requires money.

It is to you, dear readers, that we confidently turn to provide these resources. Please decide today to donate as generously as possible.

Barry Grey, for the WSWS international editorial board