Letters from our readers

24 May 2012

On “Toronto Star’s Heather Mallick endorses ‘murderer’ Obama

Carl Bronski has provided we readers with the best analysis, meaning of, and effect of “Identity Politics” that I have seen to date.

Mr. Bronski has pointed out that Heather Mallick’s comparison of President Obama (who she deems to be a “murderer” because of his illegal drone killing of USA civilians) and Mitt Romney’s bullying a gay student when he himself was a university student, and then comparing Obama to the Republican party, is a real problem because while focusing on the singular, personal issues, Mallick is overlooking the major issue of the destruction of the working class in Canada and the USA.

In fact, articles like Mallick’s become acceptable to the mainstream parties because they take the pressure off the real agenda of those in power, and helps maintain the elite which supports them. The poor and the suffering are lost in the background, and that keeps a lid on any collective complaints from them.

I would go further to say, that voters convince themselves they are choosing the lesser of evils when they vote for the mainstream politicians, and the reason why they continue to do it, is from being brainwashed for years by the media which is owned by wealth and power. And, as well, there is tremendous peer pressure to conform and vote for mainstream parties.

I commend Carl Bronski for his excellent article. The Bronski Beat is a great musical band, and Carl Bronski, as a journalist has a great beat in support of the working class. Keep up the great work Carl, and open more eyes, minds and hearts!

New Brunswick, Canada
19 May 2012


The degraded language used by Heather Mallick and other journalists of her type does not help advance the cause of women or of any other oppressed group in society. Whether they are on the “left” or on the right, the job of these people is to engage us in the spectacle of a kind of gladiator fight made up of insulting rhetoric, to bring out the worst in their readers/listeners, and distract us from serious thought and discussion of the real issues we face.

As for “taking serious things lightly instead of just sitting up in horror”—real satire, that can be very funny and serious at the same time, appears to be something these people are incapable of.

In contrast, the thought of Rosa Luxemburg is comforting. She didn’t need anyone to tell her how difficult life could be for women under capitalism—but can anyone imagine her using the kind of vulgar rhetoric indulged in by Ms. Mallick and her sort?

Kamilla V
British Columbia, Canada
21 May 2012

On “Hondurans demand US withdrawal over civilian deaths

And let us not forget that one of the most important “lessons learned” from the imperialist wars in Iraq, Iran, Libya and elsewhere is that the methods of “counterterrorism operations” perfected there will inevitably be brought back to this hemisphere and applied to its home populations.

Texas, USA
20 May 2012


On “Illegal stops by New York Police rise to 2,200 daily

Illegal stops are not only going on in New York but probably all across the US. My son and I were stopped in Tulsa yesterday for no reason. They asked for my drivers license and my son’s ID. When he told them that he did not believe that a passenger was required to show an ID they became quite upset. There were two car loads of police officers and they held us for about 30 minutes. They could not find any warrants on either of us so they finally had to let us go. I was written up for having a crack in my windshield. I think they were just fishing because we were driving an old truck.

Oklahoma, USA
21 May 2012


On “Oppose the US-Australia war preparations against China”

It is great to see that SEP Australia taking up a formidable challenge. The pseudo-left, including the Greens, serves the international bourgeoisie. This heroic attempt, in my view, has to be coupled with an equally strong movement among the Chinese working class. The Chinese Stalinist regime, under its extreme nationalist ideology, misleads the working class to believe that China can emerge unscathed in the event of a conflict with NATO. Russian nationalism under the veteran Stalinist Putin contributes to this Chinese fantasy. SEPs in different countries, taking up this challenge from a true internationalist perspective, is the only hope for the humanity. This reader pays tribute to the SEP in Australia making a headway within Australia, which is ultimately due to contribute to much needed internationalism. Thank you.

Sri Lanka
19 May 2012

On “This week in history: May 21-27

I really appreciate your putting such a prominent note on the topics covered by this column.

I (and no doubt lots of others) suggested it, so a belated thanks for this encouragement to people to read our history.

Siusaidh C
Montreal, Canada
21 May 2012