Letters from our readers

On “The bankers rule: Jamie Dimon at the US Senate



Dear Editor:


It is always a pleasure to read David Walsh’s summaries that include very subjective points. David asked: “How many foreclosures, bankruptcies, layoffs, family breakups and suicides are the CEO of JPMorgan Chase and his fellow bank executives responsible for? How much homelessness, poverty and accumulated social misery?”


I think back to my fifty-five year old wife who was dying in Stage IV of cancer. Of course, we couldn’t and didn’t pay her credit card because we could hardly afford the co-pay on Oxycontin at the time. I shielded her from the “collectors”. One bank agent asked for her and I responded that she was very ill but I would answer his questions. He responded: “Oh come on, we know she’s not sick. Put her on!” I hung up, returned to the bedroom where my wife laid on her bed in a fetal position, barely conscious. Did she hear the phone call? I hope not.


David Walsh concluded his synopsis with an element of hope: “The working class will have the last word on that.”—the last word on justice for Wall Street criminals, and on all others in seats in power that are ravaging humanity to satisfy their psychotic greed.


Meanwhile, those who are victims, are survivors of suicides or who are made sick from this society’s torturous mental and emotional abuses must find respite and support in each other, must build cooperative networks for mutual help and solutions, must gain a thorough understanding of how and why this system—capitalism—is the dogma responsible for what can only be called “legalized inhumanity”. For newcomers, WSWS is the best place to begin on that journey.


All of America’s bestiality some day will stop, but we are obligated to live until we stop or it stops us.


Mr. Walsh understands it is a life-and-death struggle for tens of millions. His sensitivity is greatly appreciated. Thank you, David. And thank you, WSWS, for keeping the lights on.


Michael B
Maine, USA
16 June 2012

On “US Attorney General Holder faces contempt of Congress vote

Funny that Holder might be held in contempt for that, but not for his “due process is whatever process I think is due you” drone kill list legal justifications. Bush’s AGs must be green with envy.


Coincidentally, I also just got an email from the NAACP requesting I support Holder [http://action.naacp.org/support-the-attorney-general]: “Since taking office as United States Attorney General in 2009, Eric Holder has successfully restored the integrity of the U.S. Department of Justice. He has revitalized the Civil Rights Division, fought governors seeking to block millions of Americans from voting and worked to advance and protect the promise of America for all.”


The triangulations of nerve and hypocrisy apparently know no bounds with the Obama crew and their liberal supporters like the NAACP!


Jay R
18 June 2012

On “What way forward in Greece?



From the state of being organically incapable, the petty bourgeois radicals have become organically hostile to a socialist movement; dialectics proven politically in a rightward shift of the bourgeois political establishment.


Sathish K
19 June 2012


On “Conservatives narrowly win Greek election


The leadership of SYRIZA may wish to take its turn selling the Greek working class into further bondage. But its electoral trajectory would then read 3 percent of the vote, 30 percent of the vote and back to 3 percent of the vote. Having broken with PASOK, working class Greek voters are only bound to SYRIZA by its promise of deliverance. Fail in that and they will find the working class support and votes will go elsewhere. Though not, I think, back to the bankers’ lickspittle PASOK.


18 June 2012