Letters from our readers

On “Wisconsin officials move to exclude SEP candidates from ballot

Yesterday morning I was listening to the news on NPR, and they noted that Virginia, Colorado and Wisconsin were the states where the presidential election was most hotly contested. I thought immediately of the signatures gathered by the SEP and wondered if they would be disqualified, or if there would be another series of ridiculous challenges to ballot inclusion launched by the Dem Party as had happened in 2006. I knew something would happen.


Given the current climate—economy not just stalled, but barely alive, and people suffering because of it, the potential for mass social uprising which will not be so easy to corral as Occupy was, endless attacks on civil rights such as the NDAA passage—of course they have to move in and disqualify all actual challengers. Especially when that challenge not only comes from socialists and gained such quick support during the signature-gathering process!


The SEP represents the working class—the class most squeezed by the capitalist system and the crisis it has brought us into. This is feared by the Democrats and Republicans alike, both of which make claim after claim about being on the side of the working class all the while making life ever cushier for those at the top.


Washington, USA
9 August 2012


I’m outraged at this turn of events and I’d like to contribute to your legal defense fund. However, the donation page says I must be an American citizen to donate. Does this restriction apply to the collection for your legal fees as well as the political campaign? If not how do I donate? I am Canadian.


9 August 2012

On “SEP presidential candidate to tour Britain, Germany and Sri Lanka

It is great to learn that Jerry White has chosen Sri Lanka as one of the countries in his world tour to explain ICFI’s perspective to the working class. Sri Lanka, though a small nation state, in my view, is very important for the revolutionary politics of international socialism. The US presidential candidate’s impending visit, I sincerely hope, will positively influence our working class to unite against all strands of communal politics played by the country’s bourgeois politicians and the pseudo-left. Greetings from a Sri Lankan reader.


10 August 2012



On “The Mars landing

A really excellent article that points out what is possible when highly trained experts have the opportunity to unleash their skills and knowledge on behalf of the public good.


I don’t think that it is possible for anyone to make a better distinction between what is now possible through the actions of a united human effort based upon a higher principle and, as you stated, “the imbecilic worship of the marketplace.”


A higher order of consciousness will surely follow from the higher form of social organization that is required in order to make planetary explorations possible.


It is inevitable that as the Earth becomes depleted and global warming increases past acceptable levels for human existence that a highly advanced space-based industry will be required to build new artificial Earth environments.


An extra-planetary industrial expansion of this scope can only come about as a result of an evolution in thinking about what is possible and a revolution in practical terms in the social property that is required to accomplish this mission.


Thank you for the good work that you do in raising the level of consciousness in regard to what the real tasks at hand now require of us all.


Florida, USA
10 August 2012