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On “Lecture at Historians’ Convention: In Defense of Leon Trotsky



I have much appreciated David North’s rebuttal of the historical falsifier, Robert Service. My first encounter with Robert Service’s scribblings was his biography of Lenin—a political hatchet job if there ever was one. Service drew a damning portrait of Lenin, all the while sympathizing with the Tsar’s secret police. I think that the Lenin biography ought to be placed under the spotlight and subjected to the same scrutiny and attention that North has devoted to Service’s biography of Trotsky.



I must add that if I, during my undergraduate years, had submitted an essay as full of holes, inaccuracies and deliberate misrepresentations as Service’s biography of Trotsky, I would not only have been given a zero, but would have been given a good roasting by my professor.



Eric G
4 October 2012



I just saw that, in France, the success of Service’s biography of Trotsky has prompted the translation of a 12-year-old book he wrote on Lenin, which is once again praised by the whole press as “nuanced” and “novative”, while it apparently portrays the man as a quasi-psychopath. I couldn’t find a critique of the English version on the web site, but I’m sure this is just as wrong as his work on Trotsky.



4 October 2012

On “Obama and the debate


Thank you for a perspective that clears up the nauseating smoke of the mainstream media.


Obama’s “weakness”, though chiefly the product of his solidarity with the capitalist class, is also a deliberate ploy. Obama is unable to truly attack those he represents; however, his rhetoric seemed particularly passive and meandering for an opening debate night. With such widespread disillusionment over his tenure, his best strategy is to play the victim. In doing so he silently cries out to the “hopeful” to save him from the “greater evil” of Romney. “Lesser evilism” is a mentality forged by fear and thus the liberal media must squeak and holler if they want people at the polls.



Gabe E
5 October 2012

On “Obama and Romney: A ‘debate’ without real differences


Fine analysis under tight deadline pressure. But with more time, go back and review Obama’s mannerisms and countenance, along with his vapid words. With a look of semi-melancholia, he allowed Romney to lord over him as a frightened child acknowledging he merited discipline. I’m wondering whether there’s something beyond a bad day at the office underlying the president’s appearance of personal fearfulness. In his sleep he possesses better debating skills than he allowed himself to exhibit.



George W
California, USA
4 October 2012



Similarly disturbing is the coverage by the news media on the debate. An element of discrepancy or difference between the two candidates could not be acknowledged by the media services. In reporting interviews with two groups of selected college students (Democrats and Republican) and independent voters, no indication of a valid criticism or a basic analysis was provided by these constituents. No questioning of the motives behind the continuing and incrementing wars, why there are no measures to boost employment and increasing wages, discussing reasons why actual unemployment is high, why the bailouts of banks, why there have been no prosecution of those involved in fraudulent financial schemes, why the need for quantitative easing and why the Fed is buying mortgage securities, or the treacherous disregard for the founding principles of the Constitution. Although the media attempted to provide and contribute to a veil of deception, cunningly it demonstrated its complicity. In their theatrical portraying, and to give a boost to the elections in almost identical fashion as an American Idol contest, the media unwittingly revealed its contempt and lack of their responsibility to the electorates.



4 October 2012


Mr. Martin,



Yours is simply the best encapsulation of what occurred in Denver.



At New Jersey Governor Christie’s publicized behests that Romney needed to “send a ball out of the park,” the mainstream media on the morning after (predictably, perhaps because it needs the business) tweets, hoots, and bleats that he did.



So did Romney hit a home-run? Or walk himself to the home plate?



Is Obama out of the doghouse for remembering his wife’s anniversary? Did he think about it on Tuesday (when he reportedly plots drone hits)?


Despite the real issues which the candidates and the media obscure with a heavy curtain of propaganda, I suppose we’ll stay tuned.


And I will keep reading at WSWS to get a truthful analysis.


Robert L
California, USA
4 October 2012