Letters from our readers

On “US vice-presidential debate: Demagogy and reaction”


When Martha Raddatz said, “I’d like to move on to Iran because there is really no bigger national security threat that this country is facing,” and both candidates agreed, I had to turn it off. I felt sick, and now I just feel sad.


Greg S
New Hampshire, USA
12 October 2012


“The discussion between the candidates dealt with the expediency of such military actions, not whether they were legally or morally justifiable.” They dealt with them then as representatives of the governing class. And were honest about their disagreements, which reduced to the expediency or otherwise of this or that policy of the political elites in the service of capitalism.


The political discourse between western bourgeois parties has become a dull monologue on the problems of imperialism and social control during an economic crisis.

The only part of this process that could have genuine entertainment value is the panic among European politicians if the next President of the USA is Mitt the Twit.


12 October 2012

On “Socialist Equality Party gains ballot status in Louisiana


I was one of the SEP supporters who made a trip to Louisiana to assist in getting electors for the presidential ballot there.


Although my personal contribution was minimal, I can attest to the statement that there is “widespread disgust” with the existing political system. It is exactly what I saw during my time interviewing working class voters there.


Would that we could have gotten on the ballot in Texas, but that, as matters now stand, is effectively impossible, as Texas ballot requirements are much more severe than Louisiana’s.


So I am proud to have been able to do my little part in getting the SEP candidates on the ballot in Louisiana.


And I look forward to the day when we can do the same in Texas.


Texas, USA
11 October 2012

On “Ten years since the Bali bombings



Excellent article James, you have captured the utter bankruptcy of the current political charlatans who currently rule this country. The complete lack of morality of this elite, whilst trying to benefit from the suffering of the victims’ families, defies comprehension.


Yours fraternally,


12 October 2012

On “Venezuela’s Chavez wins election, but by narrower margin


An analysis of the political environment in Venezuela, seldom provided by other sources that on the contrary aim to distort and confuse. Bill Van Auken clarifies the factual historical perspectives and developing contradiction inherent in the “Bolivarian socialism for the 21st century”. I appreciate his commentaries.


Florida, USA
10 October 2012