Letters from our readers

13 November 2012

On “Obama wins reelection

Only 10 percent believe Obama favors the rich? Maybe the 90 percent will learn differently in the next four years.

Veronica M
New York, USA
7 November 2012


Comforting to know that a sane, liberal law professor will start World War III and not some crazy Mormon.

Joe M
7 November 2012


On “What way forward for workers in Greece?

This is an extremely powerful and correct statement. I think this is the clearest statement so far of all these issues, the final paragraph especially, but also everything that leads up to it. It gives you chills.

Rosa S
9 November 2012

On “Hillary Clinton’s ‘democracy’ for Syria

Excellent. Articles such as this covering the whole of the tinderbox that is the Middle East are essential for the formation of sections of the ICFI.

7 November 2012


On “The Petraeus affair

I think you guys are seeing a conspiracy where there isn’t one. You get caught with a mistress, you lose your security clearance. There’s not a lot of wiggle room on this. Intelligence doesn’t like people with secrets. My thinking was along your lines at first, but I have friends who work in intel who assure me that this is an area where there’s zero tolerance. You can have a mistress, but once you get caught with one, your career is over.

12 November 2012


The whole Petraeus affair reeks of stage-management. Obama has thus far dodged a bullet regarding the killings in Libya, but they’re in a real crisis. Barry Grey’s article his the nail on the head regarding the strange, almost glib acceptance of Petraeus’ resignation by Obama, and the manner in which sex (and gender, since it is usually the male that is vilified) has become a weapon, or in the case of Petraeus, a convenient dodge; the “honorable” way out of the Libyan debacle.

12 November 2012


“Extra-marital affair.” Cover story itself. Petraeus backed the wrong horse. He chose the CIA faction favoring Romney. The attack on the Libyan Embassy was orchestrated by them. It was intended as an “October Surprise” false-flag operation to “Carterize” Obama—according to Webster Tarpley.

12 November 2012