Letters from our readers

On “Washington floats chemical weapons charge as pretext for Syria buildup



It was going to be either the old story about possessing chemical weapons (Iraq, 2003), the old story about a woman being gang-raped by government soldiers (Libya, 2011), another old story about a woman being killed by government sniper fire (Iran, 2009) or the one about soldiers killing babies in a hospital (Iraq, 2003): the same old narrative is being used over and over to justify invasion.


Whichever tired plot from the Gene Sharp playbook is used, it’s the same old excuse for NATO to invade for “humanitarian” reasons. This is similar to the old excuse that European colonial powers used in the 19th century to invade Africa and Asia: the pretext that people, especially women and children, need to be saved from their cultures’ barbaric customs.


Jennifer H
4 December 2012

On “Sri Lanka: Jaffna University students arrested


The article is a point blank shot in its focus. A thorough, class conscious leaflet, condemning the attack and warning students that this is part of broader crackdown, implementation of government's austerity measures.


Tamil nationalists are more exposed that they are nothing but representatives of Tamil capitalist class.


A sharp exposure that it is a member of Tamil Nationalist group who filed the complaint against students. They show they are nothing but class enemies.





4 December 2012

On “Scores dead as typhoon hits the Philippines


Nice hook!


Started out just like a local news story, then segued so smoothly into the root cause of the many deaths, then kept right on going up the mountain with the dirty deeds and the perps; it was almost like a typhoon itself, growing in its speed and intensity, hooking in for the hit.


Very nice work!


Chip H
5 December 2012