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On “Billionaires gain as living standards fall

Well said, Mr. Martin! Particularly your concluding paragraphs. The disease is eating the earth and making it uninhabitable by all save the parasitic devourers. These lethal invaders should beware, however. If they consume their host, what will they then live on? Who will do the work of the world? They are so far removed from ordinary humanity that they are aliens on their own planet, a planet, moreover, that they are destroying on a daily basis. A cure for this disease is needed. It is called socialism.

California, USA
11 January 2012


Perfect and sharp examples of how the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Again showing that in the US, merely 37 families control the whole of the US just like how Trotsky spoke of 40 families in Marxism in our Time .

Agree with cancer example, but the system running for profit not for human need itself is dead, decayed, corrupted and putrid to be overthrown for the world to survive from all the impending perils.

The surgeon (the working class) has realised his/her historically revolutionary role with the help of the only educating source available, wsws.org. Thanks.


11 January 2012


On a practical level, my paycheck fell $63 beginning this year as a result of the attacks on public servants to benefit these billionaires of the financial elite. This loss of over $125 a month was negotiated by the unions at work to accommodate management demands. Naturally, we were told this was another “victory” for us workers ...

11 January 2012