Letter from a New York City school bus driver


The World Socialist Web Site received the following letter from a striking New York City school bus driver.

I have found myself at your site at least a couple of times a day. I do not own a TV or listen to the news on the radio, because I believe most media reports are half-truths and opinion based—and usually there’s some hidden agenda.

Your site seems to be in search of truth and fact! Love it! Thank you guys for the time and dedication you put into these informative articles. You’re awesome! YOU’RE AWESOME!

I am truly disgusted with the way our mayor operates. He casts stones then hides his hands. He creates drama, crisis, conflicts, panic and unbelievable scenarios where he has all the control in this beautiful diverse melting pot we live in.

He dips his finger in and stirs it all up, and when things heat up, he withdraws to a comfortable position where he can watch the opera he choreographed and produced. Bloomberg understands and enjoys money and power, not people.

Bloomberg in his lifetime has made $26 Billion and ZERO SENSE. He has tons of money, and not an ounce of compassion. Why is this bully still in office, holding a magnifying glass over us? He is a tyrant.

My mom is 62, a retired school bus driver. Her health forced an early retirement. She’s panicking about the possibility of the pension she is supposed to receive at 65 being non-existent by then. I went into this field after the military because I saw how fulfilling working with children was for her. I have truly enjoyed the bonds and friendships throughout the 13 years on the job with the children, school staff, parents and co-workers. And I’m deeply saddened that each and every one is directly affected in such negative ways by the lack of compassion in one “man”—our mayor.

Of all the media that has stopped by, you were the only one that stayed longer than ten minutes and is actually interested in “US” the people, investing your time and braving the cold to gain insight. Actions express priority. Thank you, your work is very much appreciated. I look forward to meeting with you again.

Grace Muniz