Letters from our readers

On “UK horsemeat scandal spreads to Europe

Dear comrades,

This reminds me of Engels writing of chalk and sawdust being routinely added to bread when capitalism was in a period of brutal, rapid expansion. Today, with capitalism in its death throes, such methods are again becoming the norm.

Feed for cattle led to BSE. Widespread drugs use, whether “safe” or not, to accelerate weight gain, to make it look more appetizing, and mitigate appalling hygiene, is accepted with a “bugger the consequences” attitude regarding long term implications. Little or no research is carried out to establish the effects of multiple chemicals entering the food chain. We are dispensable in the rapacious drive for profit.

John U
12 February 2013

On “Philippine performance artist jailed for ‘offending religious feelings’

Among the best characteristics common to many Filipinos I have known and liked, I have most admired an exemplary tenaciousness in the face of adversity—best illustrated perhaps by a witty response to the question, “Kamusta ka,” or, “How are you?”

“Humihinga pa,” or, “I’m still breathing,” is not an uncommon answer of theirs, sure to draw a sympathetic or knowing smile…

Thank you, Mr. Santolan, for writing about the oppressive political status quo in the Philippines, and Carlos Celdran’s brave protest of it.

Robert L
California, USA
9 February 2013


Wonderful article about this infuriating event, and what it means more broadly in Philippine society. Thanks for your contribution.

9 February 2013

On “Class tensions in Europe at the breaking point

A truly terrible predicament is facing Europe's working class and they should form workers’ councils and discuss how to stop the austerity nightmare from deepening. Also, larger gatherings of many councils should form general assemblies to discuss the different issues they have denoted. New worker-controlled unions must be formed as well as “crisis-groups” to try ways to minimize and counter the austerity cuts which occur. A very high integration of councils and assemblies should be maintained by use of computers to implement appropriate actions to eliminate proposed cuts and reduce the damage of those already made. Pan-European solidarity is a must with mobile worker groups traveling to the most desperate areas.

Steve H
Massachusetts, USA
11 February 2013