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“I discovered that no media source anywhere offered the precise analysis and revolutionary perspective of the WSWS”

As a young professional with an interest in politics, I searched for answers after 9/11/01. The liberal left/middle-class radicals, whom I had supported for years had no answers. I remember Noam Chomsky in particular, as one who was initially apologizing for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda; asking people to restrain themselves from coming to conclusions about the most immediate and obvious facts surrounding the attacks. I felt disgust towards the whole radical milieu, for their confusing answers and lack of fighting spirit.

I recall being completely impressed after clicking on a Google search recommendation, in December 2001. It was a WSWS article on 9/11, analyzing facts that were publicly known and asking the right questions, such as, "Why did this happen, and who benefits?" It was a breath of political fresh air, and the beginning of a Marxist evolution for me. Very quickly I discovered that no media source anywhere offered the precise analysis and revolutionary perspective of the WSWS.

My respect has only increased over the years. What the WSWS achieves, six days a week in many languages, is an awesome international collaboration. It is a daily output of high-quality Marxist analysis on; political economy, science, art & pop culture, history and philosophy. Anywhere there has been a significant trend in these fields in the past 15 years; the WSWS has been there with its commentary, always maintaining the orthodox Marxist perspective of Leon Trotsky's Fourth International.

Personal favorite reads of the WSWS , in my introductory period were the responses from writers such as Patrick Martin and Barry Grey, to the vitriol of backward readers. Hate was met with rational polemics that hit back, squarely between the eyes with Marxist analysis and a dialectical method. The result was usually a devastating polemical knockout blow. I encourage WSWS readers to review these exchanges from the early 2000's, as an instructive example of how to deal with ignorance and violent anger. It is sufficient here to say, that it must be met with disciplined resistance using historical materialism and the dialectical method at every turn.

Lenin once wrote that the power of Marxism, is that it is true. The ruling elite and its petty bourgeois representatives direct their forces on the SEP and the international working class at every turn. Moments of crisis create opportunities for people to step outside their normal lives and seek the truth. Revolutionists train for these moments by reading and re-reading classical Marxists: from Marx & Engels; to Lenin & Trotsky; through David North, Nick Beams, David Walsh, Patrick Martin, and the many other classical Marxists who write for the WSWS . It is up to those WSWS readers who think and care enough to be tomorrow's leaders, to cultivate an indomitable fighting spirit, tempered with the intelligence and revolutionary experience of the party of Trotsky and its daily organ.

The depth of coverage in one WSWS article is worth more than a thousand pieces from any other mass media source. The great irony is that much of the source material used in WSWS articles are facts and quotes gleaned from the NYT & WSJ, etc. As always, it comes down to perspective and the WSWS has been completely consistent in their political position throughout their existence as the daily organ of the Fourth International. The party's history proves the importance of understanding and maintaining a disciplined line on orthodox Marxist ideas such as democratic centralism, dialectical materialism, and permanent socialist revolution. Only through hard work and diligence, which puts the goal of an international socialist revolution in permanence ahead of all else, can such an awesome task be led to a successful conclusion. This is the daily message of the WSWS.

After ten years of studying Marxism, and continuing my general education; I joined the SEP in 2012. Joining this party should not be considered lightly. What is required by the SEP is: a daily reading and understanding of the WSWS, a thorough knowledge of the history and writings of the Fourth International, and an intense studying of the WSWS archives which are truly an awesome achievement. With that foundation, a correct political perspective can be applied in all revolutionary matters. This is what every WSWS reader with revolutionary intentions should dedicate themselves to, on a daily basis.