Terrence McGovern

Why I Read the WSWS

After reading Revolution Betrayed during the summer of 2006, I considered myself a Trotskyist. I had the idea—not totally unjustified from a quick survey of publications—that genuine Trotskyism was a thing of the past and had been abandoned by modern “Trotskyist” parties in favor of identity politics and the like. When I discovered the WSWS, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of the articles, as well as the clear orthodox Trotskyist orientation.

After some time and constant reading, I came to recognize that Trotskyism was not dead, but was living a very vibrant life in the pages of the WSWS. I delved deeper into the history of the SEP and it soon became clear to me that the ICFI represented the continuity of the Fourth International founded by Trotsky. My education as a Trotskyist was aided immeasurably by articles on the WSWS and books provided by Mehring Books, such as The Heritage We Defend by David North. Through all the tumult of the late 2000s and the early 2010s, the WSWS was my constant companion in interpreting the momentous developments of the past six years.

The WSWS time and time again helped me avoid feelings of demoralization and isolation amid the relentless drive against the working class prosecuted by the ruling elite. The web site opened my horizons to new philosophy, political issues and historical events. The WSWS is an irreplaceable resource and authority for workers everywhere. Let us hope that in the coming years it will find an ever-widening audience.