Letters from our readers

On “US blocks UN resolution condemning Damascus terror bombings

Such straightforward and factual reportage is of rare service to humanity. Keep up the good work!

Michael K
23 February 2013

On “New York school bus workers form rank-and-file committee

Quite an important leap by these workers. Waiting for the workers around the world to follow suit.

Workers of the world unite.


23 February 2013


Kudos to Jerry White and the rest of the Socialist Equality Party for standing with and organizing the bus workers into a group that has the interest of the workers as its focus and circumvents the petty bourgeois unions and bourgeois government. Also my hat tip to Mr. Van Auken and his reporting, and all the reporters and Socialist Equality Party members who stand in solidarity with the workers.

Ken S
23 February 2013

On “US uses hacking allegations to escalate threats against China

KQED Forum broadcast a truly nauseating program of propaganda this morning.

The radio program’s guests, Richard Clark and a director from Mandiant, postured themselves to instill reason among hot-headed callers-in to the program who demanded swift action against China’s purported hacking. They chiefly argued that the US invoke international law—and if that failed to produce results, to build strategic alliances with other countries against China. Is that any surprise to readers of the WSWS?

Of course, the program had no spokesman to argue China’s viewpoint. It had no dissenting viewpoint whatsoever.

Interestingly, the guests themselves suggested how shaky was their evidence against China by referring to how IP addresses can be used as a smokescreen and are a poor proof of origin.

The program can be accessed here ... for now: http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201302200900

Robert L
California, USA
21 February 2013

On “Obama administration denies Congress drone assassination memos

“Despite the muted controversy over the legal memos requested by Senate Intelligence Committee, it remains the case that there is no significant opposition within the US ruling establishment to the president acting as judge, jury and executioner in the name of an endless ‘war on terror.’”

That’s the shameful truth. But I think, now, that the real reason the memos “justifying” the serial murders of Obama/Brennan have not been delivered is that they don’t exist. Or that they do in fact exist, but don’t justify the Dapper Don’s hits.

How could they? Impossible.

While there are no human beings in government capable of taking legal and moral action to halt the tailspin our government has been in since the beginning of the millennium ... there are still a few at the pinnacle who are vain enough to draw the line at allowing the inevitable historical judgment which signing a memo “justifying” murder would necessarily entail fall on themselves directly.

The Senate should be sitting in judgment at Obama’s impeachment for murder, not playing Three-card Monte with nonexistent memos whose existence is said to justify what any and everyone knows cannot be justified.

John L
22 February 2013

On “German government decides on long-term military deployment in Mali

I have always joked darkly that since we North Americans were not taught our geography or our history properly in school, we have to learn it empirically: our blessed leaders drop bombs in various places, and then we must rush to our encyclopedias to learn where it is.

In this spirit, and with apologies to Wolfgang Weber, I would like to offer a little clarification for the benefit of some of my fellow Americans, who, like I, might have been momentarily confused. On consulting Wikipedia, I learned there was not a misspelling or a typo, and that Father Jozef Tiso, a Roman Catholic priest who was also a Slovakian politician, should not be confused with Marshal Josip Broz Tito of what was Yugoslavia until the Western powers dismantled it.

Tiso: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jozef_Tiso

Tito: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josip_Broz_Tito

As a kid I heard something about Marshal Josip Tito quite frequently in the daily Cold War news reports, but I must confess I had never heard the name Jozef Tiso. I dare say our Central and Eastern European readers were way ahead of me on that!

Texas, USA
22 February 2013