Dolores Martinez

Why I read the WSWS

I am very grateful to the WSWS for providing us with full coverage of the daily events and analysis it provides. I am a long time reader of this site and have previously always believed in a communist idea. But when I was introduced to this site, I was clarified on many issues which I was previously unaware of.

As a child we were involved in a communist party but back then I had no idea that it stemmed from Stalinism. The WSWS website has clarified issues from the past of which we have been misled. We had never previously known about Trotsky and his involvement in the Russian Revolution. I have read literature published in the WSWS and found that he was the continuation of Lenin and was the one person who was not mentioned by the mainstream media or any other source of information. This is what stood out to me from the other political tendencies and it made me think.

Since I have been reading more daily articles on this website, I have found that it has been enlightening me on many issues that were previously out of reach. … I have developed more of an understanding of world events and the consequences following.

Now I have come to know this website so well and I read it daily, as I have found that it is telling me the truth about what is developing in the world arena and I especially find very interesting the articles regarding the state of the economy and world markets. It gives me an insight as to what we can expect. Through reading daily I have developed an understanding of how the capitalist system operates and where it is heading. I also know now how to interpret what the mainstream media advertises behind their announcements on the air and in their daily newspapers. …

I would like to thank all the members and supporters who help to keep this website active and hope it continues to expand its audience. Thank you for the WSWS website.