Letters on the Academy Awards

28 February 2013

Following is a selection of readers’ letters in response to “The 2013 Academy Awards: Mediocrities by and large, and at their worst,” a February 26 comment by David Walsh.


I expected to see Michael Moore prostrate himself in front on Ms. Bigelow and beg the Academy’s forgiveness for his past anti-Bush comments when his 2003 film Bowling for Columbine won an Oscar.

26 February 2013


Thanks for this excellent wrap up.

My first thought on seeing Mrs. Obomb-em appear as an angel in the atmosphere was that Lincoln was to be announced as best picture. How foolish I feel—the reality was even worse. What a disgusting scene, form as well as content, from beginning to end.

Hope next time Daniel Day Lewis gets a “best actor” [award] he stays away.

26 February 2013


“Official Hollywood liberalism is bombastic mediocrity...in alliance with the military intelligence apparatus.” Great comment reminiscent of LT himself! And Joanne’s review of The Master (a title reminiscent of Dr. Who ’s adversary) places that film in an historical context that shows the relevance of other forgotten films of the post-war era.

While we await Jodi Foster’s “feminist” biopic of Leni Riefenstahl, perhaps Bigelow is now planning another “feminist” project involving a concentration camp guard having doubts about working with Dr. Mengele but suppressing her feelings for the “national interest”. After 1945, she finds unexpected support from General Patton who will use her for Cold War activities as well as spiriting useful former enemies like von Braun and Mengele far from Nuremberg. Another great post-feminist role for Chastain, who will show that she can be “deadlier than the male.”

Far more positive would be an adaptation of George Allan England’s 1915 socialist novel The Air Trust (dedicated to Eugene Debs and never reprinted for 60 years) in which an IWW culturally aware hero takes on evil capitalists who wish to make the world pay for air extracted from the atmosphere according to the worst nightmares associated with privatization. Unfortunately, I do not see this property appealing to Brangelina, Ben Affleck, or even George Clooney for reasons David has lucidly documented in his post-Academy article.

Tony W
26 February 2013


Thank you, David, for your commentary on the Academy Awards. It washed away that bad taste in my mouth left by the miserable films and the phony rich idiots celebrating the military/industrial film complex.

California, USA
26 February 2013

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