AG, California, USA

Why I read the WSWS

As an avid long time reader of the World Socialist Web Site, I would like to express my congratulations and thanks to you on your 15th anniversary.

The WSWS has been my most dependable and illuminating political companion for well over a decade. Your Marxist analysis of political, theoretical, and historical issues is continuously elaborated in your daily coverage of a wide range of political and economic developments. Your Marxist perspective and your international character sets you apart from all other political tendencies.

In a world seemingly enveloped in confusion, disorientation, and misinformation, the WSWS has provided clarity, knowledge, and objective truth. You have decoded for your readers how bourgeois terms such as “reforms,” “economic recovery,” “fighting for democracy,” etc., have in fact an opposite meaning for the working class. In leading the fight for social equality, coupled with its extensive coverage of science, culture, and the arts, the WSWS has served to elevate all of its loyal readers.

Living on the West Coast I have the good fortune of viewing it early, as the next day’s issue generally arrives about 10:00 p.m. In anticipation of its arrival, I will often attempt to analyze some of the day’s important developments, and anxiously await the WSWS assessment. Through this process you have helped myself and so many other readers to develop politically and to raise the political consciousness of the international working class.

Congratulations and thank you again as I continue to look forward to my daily interactions with my most important political companion.