Letters from our readers

7 March 2013

On “The financial aristocracy and the growth of working class struggle

The contribution by Andre Damon and Joseph Kishore—“The financial aristocracy and the growth of working class struggle”—is the most concise analysis I have read in modern times. It says it all in language we can all understand.

The question remains, will it wake up those who can do something practical in their own interest to put a stop to this social rort?

I have forwarded the article to all my contacts as a start.

John W
New Zealand
4 March 2013

On “British trade union mounts witch-hunt based on accusations of ‘rape denial’

In the name of “rape denial”, these reactionary forces deny the rape of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Mali, Syria, or the prospective Iran.


3 March 2013

On “Washington steps up Africa intervention

The move into Africa and the Middle East has been the plan for decades and it continues through Republican and Democratic presidents and Congresses. I was an enlisted (working class) active duty member of the US Air Force from 1970-1990 reaching senior non-commissioned officer rank.

In the 1980s, in our senior management level courses we were taught that the next wars would be in Africa and the Middle East, not to ensure freedom, as is the farcical and fantastic reasons given by our imperialistic capitalist masters, but to secure oil and mineral resources for “our national security.”

Over the years since then I have come to know that “vital national security” means establishing imperialistic superiority to maintain the way of life for all Americans. I mean the rich and luxurious way of life for the ruling class and the slavish way of life for the rest of us at the expense of impoverishing the rest of the world.

Ken S
Wisconsin, USA
5 March 2013

On “UN hides its role in Haiti cholera outbreak

John Marion,

Your article is interesting, but more importantly quite enlightening on the matter of a 21st century outbreak of cholera in the Caribbean.

I have taken a quick look at the UN’s report and will read it in detail later.

The first thing that jumped out at me in the report is that it follows the format of responding to a Parliamentary Question—a very British approach, like the setting up of a “Commission of Enquiry” to investigate and report on a very controversial issue but with the primary intent of quashing it.

Lloyd M
2 March 2013