Virginia Smith

Why I read the WSWS

I came to the World Socialist Web Site through the movie reviews of David Walsh. Through his reviews and his coverage of international film festivals, as well as Hollywood products, I have seen films that have been the most important to me.

He finds everywhere films that are serious about human conditions, by filmmakers who work toward finding social truths and genuine characters. DW selects films of purpose and beauty from hundreds released.

I’m glad to have watched A Separation, Even the Rain, and The Ghost Writer, among others. His courageous appreciation of Roman Polanski may bring this skillful director back to many viewers like me, who were put off by the publicity about Polanski. The art of film is probably the most powerful medium in reaching workers for a better world in this visual age. To connect to others through witnessing stories of struggle and endurance is a powerful weapon in the war against injustice.