Heinz Strunk

Why I read the WSWS

Comrade North,

It is curious for me to reflect on the fact that I suddenly became a regular reader of the WSWS some time in the early part of 2001. I remember it was that year because, as you may perhaps even recall, in my exuberance for the site, I gave the party my entire “Bush” $300.00 tax refund for that year. You personally thanked me shortly thereafter for my “generous contribution” to which I replied, “Thank George Bush” (pretty lame, huh?).

It seems in hindsight not possible that the WSWS was only a mere 3 years in the making at that time. She was mature way beyond her years! I remember distinctly the web site that I had been prone to visiting in my search for knowledge and how from there I, almost startlingly, found myself linked onto the WSWS. Ode to Joy! Shortly, I found I then would often go back to that site merely to link directly to the WSWS, thinking (!) that would maintain the buffer between “big brother” and me.

After convincing myself of the idiocy of my fear in linking directly to your site I began bypassing the other and coming directly to what has been accurately described as the collective memory of the working class.

The volumes of printed documents expounding the necessity of socialist revolution! My search for a font for information that concerned my interests was over. Not that I don’t read other sources, but now the day to day bustle of working is no longer itself a cause of my not being adequately informed. To paraphrase, as Fred Engels points out in his famous introduction to Karl Marx’s first example of his method of analysis (i.e., Historical Materialism), “Class Struggles in France 1848-1851”: “nothing much has been added to the discussion.”

I can now keep my nose to the grinder, find where humanity stands at any given moment and learn of my historical role as an integral part of the proletariat simultaneously.

The events surrounding the death of the American Ambassador in Benghazi are but one example of the method at work via the WSWS. In Bill Van Auken’s explanations of that event, little has been added for all intents and purposes by the mainstream media.

Each and every day at work and far afield I am impressed with the working class’ growing awareness that something earth-moving is afoot. That many of my co-workers turn to me (of all people) for an opinion demonstrates, I think, nothing if not the fact that the WSWS is leading the way to the workers and their consciousness.

I find any and all articles on the site have something of interest for me, though, alas, I haven’t the leisure time to enjoy them all. I never miss anything written on Economic topics. Your quest for journalists has borne fruit. I only hope that now some more focus will be spent on the editing of what gets posted. I also wish the search engine was more useful—this has been a long standing peeve with me.