Letters from our readers

14 March 2013

On “Too big to jail

Let’s see how this system works. The drug cartels take their ill-gotten gains and deposit them in the banks. The banks lauder this money and make huge profits. The banks then take some of these profits and pay a fine to the government. So the drug cartels profit, the banks profit, and the government profits. Does anyone not profit from this system? Well, perhaps the average citizen but since when did he count for anything. Capitalism at its finest. Just don’t try this at home, average citizen.

Maryland, USA
12 March 2013

On “Police murder in South Africa

Quite amazing how the following line, “The basic division in society is not race, but class,” holds good for a centre of world capitalism like the USA and a backward capitalist country like South Africa. A combined and uneven development in the imperialist epoch. Even the form of class struggle takes an international character, as observed by IC in the Wisconsin struggle (e.g., “Hosni Walker must go,” “Walk like an Egyptian,” placards by the workers).


11 March 2013

On “Olympia, Washington health care workers strike

So the SEIU is sabotaging at least two strikes at present in the USA: these hospital workers and UIUC staff. If there is an instruction manual on how to make a strike fail, it would have to include setting a less-than-one-week, pre-announced limitation on the strike. Five days here, three over there, just wait it out, hire scabs and the workers will be back and demoralized as ever, ready to accept a sellout contract. The living standards of workers can be pushed downward, those of union bureaucrats pushed upward, and the ISO and pseudo-left can provide the latter with political cover.

There is another way: independent rank-and-file committees, taking the strike out of the hands of the corporatist unions, mobilizing the working class, and securing their social rights. What do the administrators and bureaucrats fear most? Precisely this! They have certainly noticed the formation of a rank-and-file committee of the NYC bus drivers, the most significant step forward by the working class in the US since the financial crisis began. New organizations of struggle are needed, with a socialist program as their focal point. Break free of the corrupt apparatuses and take the fight forward!

Ed H
Virginia, USA
13 March 2013

On “The element of social tragedy in King Lear

This is still one of the best analyses of King Lear I ever read. Thanks again, David Walsh!

California, USA
12 March 2013