Letters from our readers

On “Chicago announces plans to shut 61 public schools

What many people don’t realize is that America’s gangster-capitalists are not going to stop with merely shutting down some public schools and replacing some of them with charter schools that are paid for with public dollars. Their rapefest and lootfest is never satisfied with a stagnant status quo. They will continue to increase their insatiable pursuit for more money. How might that play out?

I suspect that the capitalists will at some point begin charging students to attend charter schools in the same way that they pay for college. The prices will be low at first and then begin to escalate. Just as professors have largely been replaced by part-time teachers who earn part-time wages, so too will that happen to grade school and high school teachers. The end result will be a day when high school requires a $10,000-per-year student loan to attend, teachers all earn the wages of a McDonald’s fry cook and the public school system has been successfully transformed into a profitable capitalist enterprise. The tax money that previously went to pay for public schools will still be collected, and it will be freed up to pay for imperialist wars, bankster bailouts and corporate subsidies.

Florida, USA
24 March 2013

On “India manoeuvres over UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka

Quite important and brave information about the attack on democratic rights in north and northeastern states of Sri Lanka.

Thanks comrades.


21 March 2013

On “US agribusiness seeks to outlaw filming of farming practices

This article reads like Imperialism 101, “Getting the most from your imperialist experience at home and abroad” (!)

Imperialism at home = imperialism abroad:

Illegal farm practices = war crimes. Laws violating constitution = military policy violating Nuremburg Principles. Food safety and federal humane handling laws = war crimes statutes. Downed cows, frightened turkeys = poor farmers. Perfect centerpiece for family gatherings = bringing democracy to Afghanistan. 148 million pounds of recalled meat = military quagmire. Protecting guilty corporations = protecting guilty military commanders. Dairy cows repeatedly shocked and shot before they were slaughtered = citizens of Fallujah. Food-borne pathogens = depleted uranium rounds. Unnecessarily cruel treatment of farm animals = unnecessarily cruel treatment of peasants and villagers. Undercover investigators = reporters not embedded.

On the other hand, some things are invariant.

Whistleblower = whistleblower. Exposure of criminals criminalized = exposure of criminals criminalized. Terrorist = Terrorist.

23 March 2013