Public meeting at Wayne State University

A financial dictator for Detroit - How to fight the emergency manager

Michigan governor Rick Snyder has imposed an Emergency Financial Manager on the city of Detroit, whose central task is to slash social services, rip up workers' contracts and sell off public assets.

The attack on Detroit is the spearhead of a national and global assault on the working class, conducted by both political parties and led by the Obama administration. After bailing out the banks, they are determined to make working people pay for a crisis we did not create. The attack on Detroit is not a race issue, but a class issue. Behind Kevyn Orr stand the biggest banks, which are seeking to impoverish the working class to defend their profits.

Join the International Youth and Students for Social Equality for a discussion on the way forward to fight the cuts and to ensure that all people are guaranteed their right to a good job, housing, health care and education.

The speaker will be Socialist Equality Party National Secretary Joseph Kishore.

Wednesday, April 3, 7 PM
Wayne State University
Student Center Room 299