Why I read the WSWS

The World Socialist Web Site is literally the first thing I do every morning upon waking up. Before I even get out of bed I scan the headlines and usually read an article or two. Then, with my first cup of coffee, I usually read another article. Only after this do I feel adequately inoculated to read, watch, or listen to the bourgeois perspective oozing out of every pore of the mainstream press.

Having discovered wsws.org in the days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, I found that it was the only media outlet that provided a sensible explanation of this historic turning point in world history. The editorial board correctly and accurately predicted at the time that the response of the American ruling class would be to seize upon this horrific crime, whoever was behind its planning and execution, to pursue a policy of US military hegemony in the Middle East in an attempt to seize resources, counter the rising influence of China in the region, and offset the historic decline of the post-WWII American economic powerhouse.

The Democratic Party would fall in lock-step behind the Bush administration to show solidarity with the blood-thirsty aspirations of the American ruling class. The pseudo-left would lead the anti-war movement down the dead end of the two-party bourgeois political system. The unions would assist in that effort to ensure no organized response from the working class would be possible.

No other publication in the world could make such statements, since completely vindicated by the events of history. And these were made in the days immediately after September 11th, 2001! These are not statements that were made in hindsight but in foresight.

How is wsws.org able to do that? The answer is in the perspective of Marxism, on display in every article on the website everyday.

I support wsws.org with a monthly contribution because I understand I can’t get analysis of this level of quality and integrity anywhere else. In an era in which the ruling classes of the world are systematically lowering the living standards of billions of people and the major powers are on the verge of a global military conflict with dire consequences for humanity, this perspective becomes more important with each passing day. Join me and support the World Socialist Web Site now with your contributions and your support.