Why I read the WSWS

I read the WSWS because it tells the truth. It doesn’t matter what section of the website you’re on, or who wrote what article, every single thing published is honest. I’ve read a lot of disgraceful material from other so-called “leftist” groups, and have found that, over time, their articles have gotten more and more reactionary, more and more politically correct. I’m proud to say that the WSWS is my main news source because educating people and raising a higher consciousness among the working class is the only way to get a true proletariat revolution underway. Reading the WSWS is important for any person because there is no awareness or definite facts that can be known without the WSWS to abolish the misconceptions the capitalists throw at us. The ruling elite seeks to keep us held down by ignorance. The WSWS is our biggest weapon against this.

The WSWS is necessary for any goals that we, as Marxists and Trotskyists, may have. The liberation of the working class cannot be obtained without it.