Carol Byrne

Why I read the WSWS

I was introduced to Marxism in my 20s by my future husband. Coming from a working class Catholic family I was always aware of Catholic oppression and the unequal capitalist society. Even though my introduction came from the SWP [Socialist Workers Party, UK], I was able to weed out the real politics of the fake left groups only by coming across the WSWS and the politics of the ICFI. They are the only party that has upheld the struggle for socialism and internationalism.

I have learned that the trade unions and their nationalist spokespeople in parliament have no part to play in the struggle of the working class. The Irish working class are suffering and forced to live in poverty and pay for the reckless gambling of the ruling elite. The Irish working class will learn from the struggles of the working class worldwide. From reading the WSWS my ideas have changed drastically. I am now clearer on the need to build a truly world party to struggle for socialism. A Trotskyist party which tells the truth to working people is now an utmost priority. The WSWS offers a guiding force which offers real hope for future struggles against capitalism.