Why I read the WSWS

A co-worker introduced me to the WSWS, and not knowing exactly what to expect, I started reading the website articles and commentary of current events. The articles were like nothing I've ever read before. It was all so new to me. Never before have I read such detailed analysis of how workers are attacked by policies of a ruthless ruling class.

It stated so clearly how these anti-worker policies came from both the Republicans and the Democrats. My eyes were also opened wide when I realized how the unions, and my union, were selling out workers in various ways. I had previously thought that the capitalist system could be reformed by tinkering with regulations that could benefit the working class, but I now realize this is impossible. The forces of the corporations have infiltrated the decision makers in government and they stand together, ready to extract from the working class what little benefits they have left. The unions follow on their coattails pretending to defend workers but end up betraying them by accepting sell-out agreements and isolating their struggles.

In my own union, I have witnessed huge layoffs, dramatic increases in contracting out, the introduction of tiered wages, reduced job security, reduced overtime pay and increases in benefit premiums. Wages are not keeping up with inflation, but the CEO’s pocket book keeps growing by the millions. The added value created by the rank and file workforce is syphoned off into executive pockets and into speedup programs which act like the whip against the backs of the workers. Meanwhile there isn’t enough money to feed back into the company to keep it running properly or provide better service to customers.

I wish the WSWS the best of luck in fulfilling its aims to unite workers worldwide within a socialist framework. Thank you.