Mehring Books Spring Sale ends Saturday

The Mehring Books one week Spring Sale ends Saturday. Don't miss this opportunity for savings from our online catalog! We are offering discounts of up to 50 percent on a wide range of titles.

As a special feature, we are offering the Tsar to Lenin DVD for just $9.95. Take advantage of this sale to build up your Marxist library or introduce your friends to socialism.

Discounted titles include:

Leon Trotsky

In Defense of Marxism (now $19.95)
The Third International After Lenin (now $17.95)
Platform of the Joint Opposition (now $4.95)
In Defense of Leon Trotsky (Now $12.95)
My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography(Now $15.95)

Stalin’s Terror

1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror (now $17.95)
Stalin’s Terror of 1937-1938 (now $17.95)
Back in Time (now $9.95)
The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR(now $17.95)


The First Ten Years of American Communism (now $4.95)
The Historical and International Foundations of the SEP, Sri Lanka (now $7.95)
The Economic Crisis and the Return of History (now $2.95)
Gerry Healy and his Place in the History of the Fourth International(now $5.95)

Art and Culture

Art as the Cognition of Life (now $17.95)
Literature and Revolution (now $13.95 )
Detroit Disassembled(now $39.95)

Sale Bundles

SEP Bundle (now $19.95)
Stalin’s Terror Bundle (now $27.95)
Socialist Starter Bundle (now $15.00)
The Collapse of Stalinism (now $25.00)