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On “American democracy in shambles

Excellent perspective!

The following line from Jack London’s The Iron Heel came to mind when reading it: “all of us will be crushed under the iron heel of a despotism as relentless and terrible as any despotism that has blackened the pages of the history of man. That will be a good name for that despotism, the Iron Heel.”

In Boston, the American ruling elite have truly shown their iron heel. Let it be a warning; they will not hesitate to crush any opposition to the rule of the modern-day oligarchs.

22 April 2013


Read with great interest the interesting and educative analysis of the mobilization.

This large-scale operation of complete shut down within the Americas shows the level to which the logic of the Mighty Military Industrial can go. This is faced by different populations in many parts of the world, where the Global Policeman today form walls around Palestine, or the way US backs Islamists to do their “dirty work”. The different layers and degrees are seen across the globe, and now liberals within US can see where this logic can lead.

Within the American population there is a tendency to frame up different immigrant groups. Many immigrants tell of how they are framed into a particular stereotype and many first generation immigrants tolerate many things hoping for a better life for their next generation.

If one goes below the surface, there is a link between these trends and they can be traced back to the Military industrial complex and its related frameworks, within Americas and wherever the Global Policeman acts.

22 April 2013

On “Canadian government unveils ‘terror plot’ as it adopts draconian new law

The point about the “coincidental” timing of the charges to US events and Canadian legislation is much appreciated; I didn’t see a word of mention that the supposed crimes all occurred months ago in press that I read.

The target of the supposed plot is laughable, as any attacker would have to contend with the unreliable scheduling of the once-a-day New York to Toronto train. The chief delay is the border itself, where US Border Patrol and Canadian authorities regularly add two hours of delay as they questions passengers, included making them detrain and re-board.

Once that hurdle is passed, the train has to crawl over the International Bridge in Niagara Falls at an astonishingly slow 10 mph. Though it was said to be a target, a greater concern would be the bridge failing on its own. Canadian National Railroad recently ended service on the bridge, leaving repairs up to the perpetually underfunded Amtrak.

VIA, which operates the train on the Canadian side, has cut its own Toronto - Niagara Falls service as part of wide-ranging service cuts across the system.

Jeff L
Chicago, USA
24 April 2013