Maire Byrne

Why I read the WSWS

I was a member of the Socialist Workers Party in Ireland since my mid twenties but I found myself more and more disillusioned with their movement toward “broad front” politics and away from what I considered at the time to be the SWP’s core politics. I found more and more that the Socialist Worker was becoming a more nationalist paper and headlines such as “Irish Resources Not For Sale” were further confirming that this paper/website was missing the bigger picture.

In spite of my concerns I was reluctant to leave the party as I was not aware of where else I could look to get a concise, accurate editorial of worldwide events. Thankfully I found the WSWS.

The WSWS gives the reader a full and honest history of major and minor international events. It gives insight into all manner of issues and for the most part has articles on news “just broken”. I find the historical research which goes into the WSWS articles extremely educational and often they clearly portray the corruption of capitalism through recent history which has led to its disastrous results today.

I have relied on WSWS to be my main source of world news over the past couple of years and will continue doing so. Keep up the good work!