Letters from our readers

On “Huge death toll in Bangladesh factory collapse

Excellent reporting.

Despite empty assurances nothing will change. In this respect as there is no difference between the existing government of Sheikh Hasina and the previous one led by Khalida Zia. Who does not want to obtain good garments at a bargain price? Hence the garment-importing so-called rich countries prefer to look in another direction while behaving as the moral mentors of the world. But these garment-importing governments earn immensely through VAT for products manufactured by the toiling masses of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the situation is almost hopeless!

Please continue the good work as you inform the world about the ruthless exploitation of Bangladeshi garment workers, who are in reality modern-day slaves.

Monirul A
26 April 2013

On “One-day Lufthansa strike grounds flights in Germany

Very nice article about the Lufthansa strike—especially the part mentioning the collaboration between the union and the chairpersons of the LH.

What might also be an interesting article for you is the fact that the LSG (Lufthansa Service GmbH) units in Germany had to accept a 3 percent pay cut, an increase in weekly hours from 37.5 to 39 (4 percent), and a 10 percent reduction in vacation days (for most from 30 to 27 days). These were offered from the get-go by our union negotiators!

Kai-Michael F
25 April 2013

On “The Boston bombings and the roots of terror

Chechnya does have a history of turncoat rebels, particularly during the nineteenth century Russian wars in the Caucasus. Listening to the news about the Boston bombings, I am so glad I read Hadji Murat, Leo Tolstoy’s sympathetic portrayal of the legendary Chechen warrior, and I recommend it very highly to readers interested in understanding more about the history of this region. It is often read as a study of a Muslim culture as it encounters the west. A great read!

Lesley J

Ohio, USA
24 April 2013

On “The feverish pulse of the early 20th century: George Bellows, American modernist

Congratulations on this review of the great artist George Bellows. The show at the Met was superb; I took my students. You mention that Bellows and Henri resigned from the organization sponsoring the Armory show; I didn’t know that, but it is worth considering how American artists like Bellows were replaced by European abstraction—Dada, Duchamp et al—and what has been lost of the perceptions of artists such as Bellows, which you so well express. I hope you write more on this.

New York City
25 April 2013