Letters from our readers

On Nation magazine, ISO silent on Boston lockdown

The ISO is too busy pimping a war against Syria to take time and do a single thing for working people. Such is the state of many pseudo-socialists in the world of Neoliberal hegemony.

Doug D
1 May 2013

On Obama hails police lockdown, covers up state role in Boston bombings

This is 9/11 all over again on a smaller scale. The security agencies were well aware, for example, of Mohammed Atta long before the 9/11 attacks. They were supposedly tracking him, but allowed him in and out of the country without hindrance. They had been warned about plans for an attack on the US (even using planes), but ignored reports from the FBI about suspicious students at flight schools around the country.

Now we have the same tripe regarding the Boston bombings. Does everyone have amnesia?

I don’t believe anything the government says on this subject. Every time their lips move it is to lie. Their goal is an ignorant populace that they can manipulate into anything. First and foremost on the road to that goal is to instill mindless fear in the population and then to reassure everyone that violence and police state tactics will make everyone safe”, whatever that means.

It in fact means very little, as the destruction of jobs, health care services and pensions, along with basic Constitutional rights, are the real things that are making people “unsafe”. It is the policies of the government, in defense of the ill-gotten and obscene wealth of the ruling elites, that pose the greatest danger to citizens of the US and humanity in general.

California, USA
2 May 2013

On California community put on police lockdown

It would appear as if every time a crime is carried out in a community, the authorities will order a lockdown of the entire township for an indefinite period until such time as the criminal is caught at the convenience of the police or of the appropriate security agency.

Apart from the fact that the more lockdowns are carried out, the more they become accepted as part of life until the entire town becomes a permanent prison and inhabitants would be required to use special passports to get out and about, such actions are convenient for local government to reduce spending on programs to make communities safer.

Jennifer H
3 May 2013

On Sri Lankan filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage supports SEP campaign for release of political prisoners

Dear Comrades,

Watched Ira Madiyama today. Quite disturbed by the movie.

Thanks to the director’s brilliant piece in “Why I read the WSWS.” I felt quite emotional on reading his lines.

The movie was quite a strong complex intellectual work, which presented the social degeneration of a war-torn island rightly in the political context.

Especially I liked the conversation between a soldier and a prostitute in the movie:

“You are a war hero, I am a poor girl.”

“Stop glorifying war, it is nothing more than an inevitability of the putrid bourgeois system.”

I felt like it was someone slapping the face of the warmongering media and political establishment.


1 May 2013