Letters from our readers

On the World Socialist Web Site

You are doing a very good job in giving the general reading public all over the world well-researched, balanced news and opinion pieces.

Cape Town, South Africa
10 May 2013

On The International Socialist Organization and the imperialist onslaught against Syria

I hope followers of the ISO will reconsider their affiliation with that dubious organization in light of its support for the building war against Syria. If they want to engage in Marxist politics, they need to turn to the International Committee. Those who are interested in the politics of SYRIZA, the New Anti-Capitalist Party and the ISO are either being duped or are truly warped individuals. The whole pseudo-left is trying to position itself to prop capitalism in its time of crisis. They have proven there is nothing they will not do to accomplish this, all in the name of “left” politics.

Massachusetts, USA
11 May 2013

On “ New revelations about filmmakers’ collaboration with CIA on Zero Dark Thirty

Due to a freebie offer at my local video store, I finally watched the film this week. As David states, it is full of “political and moral foulness.” Having stomached The Hurt Locker, I could not watch another film by the same director so took what David (and others I know) on trust. They are people of integrity. Now that I have seen it I can easily counter allegations of bias and affirm that it is one of the most nasty and reactionary films I’ve ever seen, especially in its depiction of a post-feminist heroine who simply follows orders, no matter how atrocious they are, and ends the film shedding “crocodile tears” mandated by a hypocritical director. I’m not surprised by these findings. Now to read some Trotsky for necessary therapy.

Tony W
10 May 2013

On David North addresses London meeting on the 15th anniversary of the WSWS

Sounds like a good meeting which was well attended, which was a bit of a surprise to me. Maybe with age I’ve become a bit more pessimistic. Liked what North had to say on trade unions. For me they, with the Labour Party, are the first line of defence that the bourgeoisie use to defend their interests. To break this needs Marxists rooted in our workplaces that can show an alternative way to organize, which is democratic and conscious.

8 May 2013

On Global corporations and the Bangladesh building collapse”

Nice article but I was looking for a list of the companies that have clothing manufactured in the sweatshops so I can make sure I never buy clothing from those retailers.

It angers me to no end that these giant corporations put people in these unsafe conditions just to make a bigger profit.

I want to know who they are!

Michael W
10 May 2013