Letters from our readers

On “Seattle: Hundreds condemn Metro Transit service cuts

Bravo. Good article. It really shows that public transport is used for the profit interests of the ruling elite, shrinking or growing according to its profit motives.

These cuts are criminal and show that capitalist management of such a city utility has failed. The unions are only there to protect the transport directors and contain the working-class.

I am in favour of expanding globally the NY bus workers rank and file committee to the metro and public transport industry. We are 8 million workers worldwide and 12 million extra with the airport industry.

Metro and bus workers are facing the same enemy: a ruling elite which sees every city and town public service as a cash cow partly subsidised by the taxes of workers and by private fares onto transiting workers.

To the ruling elite every city service must follow the motto: minimal running cost, maximum profit.

Bus routes and railway lines are as vital to workers as arteries and veins are to the body.

It is important for transit workers to organise their own rank and file committees worldwide in public transit sector politically animated by the principles of the ICFI.

Brotherly, a London transit worker,

18 May 2013

On “SEP candidate D’Artagnan Collier on ballot for Detroit mayor race

Congratulations on getting D’Artagnan Collier on the ballot for mayor. I will admit that, in light of previous ballot efforts being derailed by lawsuits and other anti-democratic shenanigannery by the Democratic Party operatives, I am surprised it happened.

However, I am not at all surprised that double the number of required signatures were gathered. Working people need a voice, and are smart enough to recognize the futility in continuing to back either big business party.

Given everything the people of Detroit—and working people everywhere— have been through and with the promise of more austerity to come, there is no question that the Socialist Equality Party offers the only way forward.

We can see this not only in D’Artagnan's campaign, but the concurrent SEP campaigns going on in Australia. We can also see that, unlike so many parties, which claim to be international in nature, the SEP is the only party which offers a consistency of principle.

Christie S
Washington, USA
17 May 2013

On “Pew report shows decline in retirement security for most Americans

I am a member of the cohort designated as “Early Boomers”, having been born in 1948. I believe that it is a great generalization to describe this cohort as comfortably off, although I agree that the general description is better than that of later cohorts.

I have been unemployed (except for temporary work) for nearly two years. During a previous period of unemployment I had to spend my retirement account to live and it is gone. I am on social security, which alone is not enough to live on, so I continue to look for work that doesn’t exist while working at temp jobs. I have no health insurance and have been paying out of pocket for necessary health care. In other words, I don’t fit the description of “Early Boomers” and nor do many of my friends who are my age. I fear greatly for my future.

California, USA
18 May 2013

On “Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby versus Prince Harry and his polo-playing American friends

Human waste indeed.

Perhaps we might arrange to have them exchange places with the present Guantanamo inmates and, if they complain and stage hunger strikes, force-feed them truffle brownie squares?

New Mexico, USA
17 May 2013