Letters from our readers

On “The decomposition of American democracy

Profound, clear and militant from beginning to end! I completely agree with the analysis and the call to build the sections of the ICFI. The ruling class is preparing its repressive apparatus for a showdown with the vast majority of the population. The rest of us need to build our political leadership and mobilize, putting the social rights of the working class on our banner.

Thanks again for another great analysis and call to action.

Ed H
Virginia, USA
20 May 2013

On “Why the SEP does not endorse the WikiLeaks Party

Thank you for this article—it is certain that Assange’s bid for office will attract a lot of attention, and that it will sow a certain amount of confusion. You write that he is held as a hero of sorts, and on the issue of freedom of information, he is held to be such by many. The SEP’s steadfast defense of Assange throughout the persecution by the US authorities, through whatever other entities (Swedish, Australian, etc.) has been principled.

Likewise principled is the analysis of not only the party he has spearheaded, but the outcome he will see should he get into office; this is not a solution, this is a naive attempt on his part. Given all that he has been responsible for exposing through WikiLeaks, it is a surprisingly naive attempt at that. But this is the outlook of, as you rightly note, someone acting opportunistically and impressionistically. He plays a dangerous game.

Christie S
Washington, USA
20 May 2013

On “Israel, US threatens war with Syria as sectarian fighting spreads across region


You write: “Fighting in the Golan Heights started overnight when Syrian forces fired at an Israeli vehicle that allegedly crossed into Syrian territory.”

It’s an old trick. In an interview with Moshe Dayan published in 1999, I think it was, 25 years after his death (I think it was), Dayan described the tactic: Israel would move tanks into Syrian territory, he said, and if the Syrians didn’t fire on them Israel would move the tanks farther into Syrian territory. And they’d keep doing it until the Syrians eventually did fire on them, then Israel would fire back (with a lot more firepower), and get their headline in the New York Times: “Israel Responds to Syrian Attack.”

Hey, if a trick works once... (And if you’ve got the New York Times on your side.)

22 May 2013

On “Stephen Hawking and the academic boycott of Israel

Years ago, when Zionist forces massacred inmates in the Shabra and Shattilla refugee camps, the working class in Israel roundly condemned the barbarity perpetrated in their country.

Thank you for this very good article which puts the entire issue in focus. Greater interaction with the working class, cerebral and otherwise and not isolation, is the answer.

Tamil Nadu, India
15 May 2013

On “UK: Rotherham Hospital spends £3 million on consultants advising on cuts

A good report from Dave Hyland which highlights the importance of workers looking to our own struggles first, to stop the austerity attacks, to be followed by an offensive that will lead to a workers government based on a network of workers councils. While I believe that workers are becoming disillusioned with both the Labour Party and even the trade unions, the left groups such as the SWP and the SP still hold a certain attraction, especially to younger workers, due to the use of their rhetoric. Reports on their failings are just as important to the process of building a revolutionary workers party.

Keep up the reporting and where possible put forward a realistic strategy based on workers self-organisation. We can’t let the parasites of capital get away with dismantling the NHS, which is one of the few success stories of the post-war settlement.

Dave T
20 May 2013