Why I read the WSWS

Oddly enough, it was through art that I realized the plight of the working class. I sat down to view Fritz Lang’s magnificent Metropolis and the real life parallels were impossible to overlook. A good neighbor and friend happened to stop by and pointed me to the WSWS, where I found there simply is no other news source so thoroughly dedicated to being objective, honest and thorough when it comes down to upholding the true foundation of American politics. It’s nearly impossible to endure another news source without finding some ulterior motive or an obvious agenda to keep the public distracted with petty squabbles over ever shifting morality and matters of identity politics. I have a sincere admiration for the SEP and their uncompromising dedication to principle.

Soon after I finished college with a degree in creative writing, I found myself working on a large micro-chip manufacturing line and was confronted head-on with the oppressive nature of today’s political environment. What I found there ranged from reluctant complacency to full blown misery. It was openly acknowledged by lower management that we were not going to be given any opportunity to advance through the corporation’s vast and intricate ranks. We were simply there to push the buttons and keep the gears running for 12 hours at a time for as many years as it takes to become eligible for retirement— of course unless they decide to lay us off instead—a thought which was deliberately kept looming over our heads. I realized that this life was actually a goal for a lot of people, a beacon of hope. We were the lowest paid workers in the entire chain of command, yet we were the backbone. Without us the company would produce nothing.

Seemingly in direct spite of us, I come to find out the CEO, (who produces what exactly?) had doubled her own absurd salary. I tried to mention to my co-workers that there is a group of people speaking out and sticking up for us, but the mere mention of the word “Socialist” seemed to turn people green with a sheer pop-media-fueled misunderstanding. I look forward to a day where the principles of the SEP are common knowledge and the working class not only fully realizes but achieves the long overdue credit we deserve.