Letters from our readers

On “The war on terror and the fate of US democracy


You write: “This was not the speech of a confident chief executive, but the representative of an administration under siege, torn by internal contradictions, in which his control over the government seems entirely questionable.”

Very, very astute, and, speaking for everyone, that is why we read wsws.org.

28 May 2013

On “Why the SEP does not endorse the WikiLeaks Party

The position you stake out is highly principled and correct. Assange may not know this, but the only way his life can be defended is precisely through your own opposition to his politics, which has sought to find an accommodation within the system that is attacking him.

As you point out, the diplomatic cables his organization published expose the savagery of official politics. If those don’t suffice, he should look at what became of Strauss-Kahn, or for god’s sake Gaddafi. Bashar al Assad is a head of state but that won’t stop the imperialist monsters from tearing him limb from limb in the end. The stakes could not get any higher.

I commend the SEP of Australia for recognizing this and wish you the best of luck in your campaigns.

Michigan, USA
23 May 2013

On “European powers lift embargo, move to arm Syrian opposition

It is insane, but well known: the industrial-military complex needs its share of profit. Who cares about the people, money talks. Thousands more people are sentenced to death with this decision and nobody knows were the arms Europe now will sell end up eventually. What we need, is a complete and worldwide arms embargo. Stop weapons trade at all and put the money into education and science for the sake of the people!

Alf R
28 May 2013

On “Federal, state officials stonewall investigation of West, Texas plant explosion

My relatives in West Texas tell me there are now sinkholes and that they fear letting residents begin to rebuild because the ground is unstable. They are worried about water pipes etc., in the devastated areas. They reported the area is inundated with outside law enforcement. Don’t see any reporting on this!

27 May 2013

On “Train derails, explodes outside Baltimore, Maryland

Add to the list of infrastructure decay and lack of oversight the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, where delays due to faulty and failing steel rods and bolts has become a scandal. It is taking longer to replace a section of the bridge than its entire construction took in the 1930s.

California, USA
29 May 2013

On “Mental disorders increasing among US children

Despite good intentions, this article may be inadvertently supporting widely held illusions that diagnoses and treatments of mental illnesses equate in scientific validity to diagnoses and treatments of physical illnesses.

Capitalism surely excels at producing poverty and anguish—but also high-sounding labels for dubious mental illnesses, which its commercial and state interests easily foist on children for potential profit and control.

I am frankly bothered that the WSWS may not be noticing this.


Robert L
California, USA
26 May 2013