Bjørn Richter

Why I read the WSWS

I am grateful for your work as I still find your site the best and most relevant online. I am impressed with the research and thorough work of the WSWS.

The WSWS faces huge obstacles, challenges and hard work when confronted with the immense indoctrination (brainwashing we used to call it), double standards and lies in (especially) the western world where “might becomes right”.

It seems as if even today the minds of many ordinary European people almost genetically accept their leaders’ double standards, the media’s self-censorship and lies, where they would hold most other countries accountable for war crimes. It’s amazing what the majority believe (want to believe) again and again. Seven out of 10 Norwegians supported Norwegian pilots bombing Libya. The government here, in fact, requested NATO to be the first in line to bomb.

In the beginning, quite a few years ago, I felt I had to check the articles of the WSWS against other sources—other dissenters, writers and journalists—especially in the US. Now, after experiencing a constant path of truth-seeking of your site I check western self-censoring, main stream information against the WSWS.

It gives a stability that is important in these times. Good luck. The WSWS is more important than ever and gets better all the time.