Attend Socialist Equality Party (UK) public meeting in London: Turkey at the Crossroads

The Socialist Equality Party invites all workers and young people to attend our public meeting in London to discuss the critical events that have unfolded in Turkey. Throughout June, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Istanbul’s Taksim Square and took to the streets of Ankara, Izmir and some 65 other towns and cities nationwide.

These protests were met with the full brutality of the riot police. Two protesters have been killed and hundreds injured. The source of the eruption of mass opposition, as has occurred in Egypt, Greece and Brazil and other countries, is the deepening growth of social inequality, rooted in the structure of capitalist society and its global crisis.

The events in Turkey have revealed the crisis of US imperialism and its militarist campaign to dominate oil-rich regions of the Persian Gulf and in Central Asia, for which Turkey has served as the linchpin.

The World Socialist Web Site statement published on June 4—Turkey at the Crossroads—warned of the dangers confronting the working class and the tasks posed before it: “Turkish workers coming in to struggle are confronted with a stark choice. Will they be drawn ever more directly into bloody sectarian-based wars promoted by imperialism in pursuit of strategic and profit interests, wars that have the potential of erupting into a global conflagration involving Iraq, Iran, the US, Russia, China and other powers?

“Or will the working class advance its own socialist solution through an independent revolutionary struggle, drawing the masses of rural poor and oppressed behind it, against imperialism and all sections of the Turkish bourgeoisie, both Islamist and secularist?”

These are the issues that will be addressed in our upcoming meeting.

Sunday July 7, 2 p.m.

Halkevi Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre

1-33 Dalson Lane

London, E8 3DF