Letters from our readers

On “Bay Area, California transit workers launch strike

My cousin was recently thrown out of his apartment because the house was put up for sale. To put things in perspective for your readers, this tiny two-bedroom house would go for around $85,000 if it were located in Topeka or Omaha. Since it’s in the Castro district the asking price is $1.25 million. How in the world does someone making $60K/yr afford to live in a tiny 2BR selling for those amounts?

People with huge bank accounts have used the economic collapse to get 3 percent home loans and scoop all the prime real estate in the Bay Area and now anyone who actually works for a living is forced to commute hundreds of miles each day. Then, to top it all off, these same people refuse to pay for the infrastructure needed for commutes. Only a massive general strike will make any progress at all.

1 July 2013

On “Ultra-luxury high rise boom amid New York’s housing crisis

“The notion that an 84-story playground for millionaires and billionaires is ‘the building of the 21st century’ gives more or less perfect expression to the mentality of the ruling class and its vision for the future. While the vast majority of humanity is to be pauperized and stripped of its most basic rights, the sky is the limit for the modern-day aristocrats.”

Your final paragraph makes me think of the French aristocrats of the 18th century. I get a nice, warm feeling when I remember what happened to them.

California, USA
24 June 2013

On “US Marine’s murder conviction overturned in Iraq killing

How about this? Someone in the military who has a soldier accused of murder in his custody does whatever will make an after-trial appeal work... not read the prisoner his rights, talk to him, not let him have a call, get a confession without a lawyer, etc. Then when convicted, the punishment can be overturned and the soldier/murderer set free.

Hmmmmmm. That’s what happens in a US military court with a US military person accused of a crime. Works out as planned, do you think?

Oregon, USA
28 June 2013

On “Mother of teen jailed for Facebook post speaks to WSWS

Your articles dated 11th and 14th May previously on the subject and this article make readers fully aware about the anti-human US imperialism. It is not in a position to treat a teenager in American society as a teenager. Further it ignores the fact that man is a social animal which means nature of society man lives in affect his mindset. The teenager’s mindset in American society is to a large extent a product of that society. As we do know, terrorism in society is produced by imperialism, of which the apex is occupied by the US. It seems that the military-police state in the making by the two parties of business in the US is posing an increasing threat not only to the US citizens but to the citizens on our planet. The working class internationally should get organized under the banner of the SEP to protect the human world… My tribute to Tom Carter.

Sri Lanka
30 June 2013