Letters from our readers

On “Edward Snowden: Planet without a visa

I totally agree with this statement. It should be made clear also that every government is intent on putting the fear of God into any potential whistleblower in their own country.

John U
3 July 2013

* * *

One aspect of the revelations that I have not yet seen discussed is the industrial espionage potential related to this program.

While industrial espionage has been going on since the inception of economic activity the NSA program brings this hoary activity up to a qualitatively different level.

Given the economic decline of American imperialism it is impossible to imagine that the state would not be providing important information to its own “national champions”. The acute tensions this will raise between different sectors within the US bourgeoisie and its counterparts in other countries will be immense.

One last thought; if, as it certainly appears, that a lone individual can access this system and pull out sensitive information, what can a well financed criminal outfit like the mafia or Goldman Sachs achieve with fostering their own contacts within the system? The opportunities for mischief are immense in this set-up.

Coly O
29 June 2013

On “Top US spy chief claims ‘mistake’ in lies about NSA programs

So, if you are James Clapper, Director of US National Intelligence you can lie to Congress about the unconstitutional spying on the American public and a mere written “apology” makes it all good.

Thankfully for him he’s not a professional athlete, like Roger Clemens, lying about the use of performance enhancing drugs. Otherwise the full weight of Congress would have been thrown against him in a prolonged multi-million dollar prosecution. After all, Congress does have its priorities.

Maryland, USA
4 July 2013

On “Authorities witch-hunt homeless families in Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey

I was disgusted and angry after reading Nick Barrickman’s report “Authorities witch-hunt homeless families in Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey.” My feelings of anguish were compounded the next day after watching Australian news program Four Corners episode—“On the Brink,” a human interest story covering the standard of living of those living on the welfare payment Newstart, it was deplorable to see these people try to get by on a pittance. They were unable to find work or affordable housing living in conditions of poverty, the consumption of a hot meal or deodorant becomes a luxury to these people. I believe that in the 21st century this is inexcusable. It is glaringly obvious that society’s productive potential is not used to address the needs of the working class under a capitalist system. How lucky we are to have a principled and coherent political party educating the working class, giving contemporary examples of the contradictions of capitalism.

Murdoch, Western Australia

On “Report exposes fraud of US aid to Haiti

Thanks for your article on the farce of US aid in Haiti. I didn’t know about the UN’s negligence in spreading cholera. Disgusting! I think you should have provided a link to your earlier article on the cholera outbreak in Haiti.

2 July 2013