Letters from our readers

On “ Judge retains ‘aiding the enemy’ charge against Bradley Manning

I think it’s a forgone conclusion that Judge Lind will convict. She won’t sacrifice her career by doing the right thing. There are no more Hugo Blacks in the American judiciary. Social and political conditions in the US are going to get much worse before they ever get better. I’m glad I don’t live anymore in a country where a kid can legally be chased down in the dark and shot to death. This is not the country I grew up in. When I need the lowdown I go to your web site. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan F
9 July 2013

On “ The social devastation of Detroit

“If Wall Street is successful in robbing the workers of Detroit, the floodgates will be opened for the destruction of pension and health care benefits for tens of millions of teachers, firefighters, hospital workers and other state and municipal employees around the country.”

The floodgates have already opened as seen in the decision by a judge in Illinois to allow the (ironically named) Patriot Coal Company to renege on health and pension payments to retired miners. As I write, the Democratic governor of Illinois is pressuring politicians to renege on the constitutionally guaranteed pension payments that have been dissipated by generations of plundering and non-payment by the State. Ironically, only judges were made exempt from these consequences. Detroit has now been officially declared bankrupt.

To wsws.org’s credit, you can’t say you were not warned, so don’t expect The Great Pretender to ride to the rescue with a bailout. Only Wall Street qualifies for that today.

Tony W
18 July 2013

On “ Edward Snowden in limbo as US increases pressure on Russia

What the Edward Snowden case clarifies to readers is that spying by the ruling elites against their respective populations can be fought out by heroic whistleblowers only through supreme sacrifice of death or imprisonment. It is a desperate and despicable position as per the global citizen. Under these circumstances, the SEP’s fight to bring the international working class to the forefront of the defence of Snowden is admirable. Rulers in today’s nation states, I have no doubt, will resort to every measure, to prevent that happening.

Concerned global citizens who aspire to have basic human freedoms pin all hopes on the SEP under the auspices of ICFI to face successfully the Snowden predicament. Rights activists, of course, have proved to our world that they are not effective at all when it comes matters connected to the core of imperialism. However, their intervention is appreciated due to the fact that Snowden’s coming to the global news network is gaining further momentum as a result of the actions of rights activists.

This reader wishes every success to SEP’s endeavour to proletarianize the defence of Snowden. Down with the ruling elites of the nation states!

Sri Lanka
18 July 2013