Letters from our readers

On “The conviction of Bradley Manning: A travesty of justice

What an honest, courageously written article, based on the truth of what went on in the Bradley Manning trial and on the sad state of what is going on in our God-forsaken country.

Thank you forever and a day, Barry Grey.

Richard P

31 July 2013

On “US pressures Russia to extradite Snowden, vowing ‘he will not be tortured’

“Temporary asylum in Russia will be granted to Snowden only so long as he ceases all ‘political activity,’ Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.”

Isn’t this what Norway said about Trotsky?


California, USA

27 July 2013

On “Obama touts economic ‘recovery,’ steps up assault on workers

Worth noting how closely the financial aristocracy of today resembles those “crapeleaux” types who partied like it was 1788 until those heady days all over Europe in the 1848 revolutions which young Marx and his buddy Engels witnessed, participated in and revisited repeatedly.

The following is a famous passage, but it needs to be savored for how well it portrays that human garbage which has the levers of all economic and social power and forces of repression ready, yet again. Only their party is a death dance watched with growing anger by the source of all value, you wisely note, the working class.

Let me set it up. Banks failed in England and the market in dodgy financial instruments was at its height, but there seemed no way that the fury of the masses could be expressed against the “bankers rule” as a banker, Lafitte, said in 1830 when the ever-crafty Duke D’Orleans took power in Paris ensuring that the French Bourse followed the principles of today’s Wall Street sharks.

Marx wrote so well. Right on the money:

“Since the finance aristocracy made the laws, was at the head of the administration of the state, had command of all the organized public authorities, dominated public opinion through the actual state of affairs and through the press, the same prostitution, the same shameless cheating, the same mania to get rich was repeated in every sphere, from the court to the Cafι Borgne to get rich not by production, but by pocketing the already available wealth of others. Clashing every moment with the bourgeois laws themselves, an unbridled assertion of unhealthy and dissolute appetites manifested itself, particularly at the top of bourgeois society—lusts wherein wealth derived from gambling naturally seeks its satisfaction, where pleasure becomes crapeleaux (debauched), where money, filth, and blood commingle. The finance aristocracy, in its mode of acquisition as well as in its pleasures, is nothing but the rebirth of the lumpenproletariat on the heights of bourgeois society.”

These are the people behind Obama, the admirers of the British royal family and the royal family itself. Trash all of them.


Toronto, Canada

24 July 2013