Letters from our readers

On Florida law enforcement agencies refuse to probe killing of Boston Marathon bombing witness

The State of Florida is obligated under their laws to investigate and prosecute the murder of Ibragim Todashev but we know Florida’s history of following proper procedure. Search Florida vote counting in 2000 elections.

Kim H

3 August 2013

On Rail boss scapegoats Lac-Mégantic, Quebec train driver

It should be noted, while referring to New Zealand Railways being sold to Rail World, that the NZ government had to purchase back the rail infrastructure in 2006. They then had to spend (and still are spending) millions on repairs and upgrades after the private owner had let it get run down to a poor and unsafe state. The NZ government also had to buy back the railway rolling stock and other freight operations in 2010 for similar reasons and has again had to spend millions on upgrades of locomotives and rolling stock. We still run one-man crews, but have been ripped off big time by private owners who stripped the profit out of the company and left it destitute.


Ron K

New Zealand

4 August 2013

On 5 Broken Cameras:Forgotten wounds can t be healed

Sounds like a great film to catch. I think that one of the most hopeful descriptions in the film is where Israeli activists turn up at the village to give support to the beleaguered villagers. I think that part of the solution to the crisis/tragedy that is Israel/Palestine must be the struggle led by both Israeli workers as well as Palestinian workers in a struggle against their respective bourgeoisies armed with a socialist programme.

I also look forward to reading other reviews regarding film/books coming out of Israel which deal with reality as it is and not some ideological justification for the respective bourgeoisie, be it Israeli or Palestinian.

Dave T


2 August 2013

On Fruitvale Station tells the story of Oscar Grant III

Thank you so much for the article on Fruitvale Station. It’s very difficult to find films worth watching these days, films that handle events in real and human ways without becoming entangled in standard political platforms. I’ll be looking into getting this one soon.


31 July 2013