Letters from our readers

On “Bradley Manning’s statement: A forced ‘confession’ concludes a drumhead tribunal

A brilliant and beautiful piece. It places the blame for this awful spectacle right where it belongs: with the rotting corpse of American democracy. It is a sad episode, but there will be more Mannings and Snowdens. No amount of show trials will turn the tide. American youth in particular will continue to oppose their government and will increasingly see the defense of democracy as part of the struggle for socialism.

Ed H
15 August 2013

On “Friedman of the Times demands Edward Snowden turn himself in

The chutzpah of Friedman is astonishing! The paragraph about the “breadth of reforms” and “trusting the fair-mindedness of the American people” (meaning not the American people at all, but the government) made me laugh out loud with its audacity. These “journalists” have made their deal with the police state and become its most devoted apologists, not realizing, of course, that the majority of the REAL fair-minded American people don’t believe a word they write.

16 August 2013

On “The working class and the defense of the Detroit Institute of Arts

Thanks for this article, David. Asset-stripping businesses wasn’t enough for the hyenas of the ruling class. Now they are asset-stripping entire cities. Like 21st century barbarian hordes, they have no knowledge of, or respect for, culture and display an attitude toward it that is something like fear. And because they are incapable of appreciating the inestimable power of art themselves, they assume that the working class is equally uncultured. They are wrong about that, as demonstrated in the WSWS’s interviews with Detroiters about the DIA.

California, USA
14 August 2013