Online SEP (Germany) election meeting: Hands off Syria! Stop the warmongers!

On Sunday, September 1, at 3 PM (German time), the Socialist Equality Party (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit—PSG) will hold an online meeting to oppose the war against Syria. The meeting will take place in Frankfurt am Main. It will be webcast live and can be received in English translation. Online participants can ask questions in real time and make comments from their computers.

The meeting was originally to be devoted to the theme: The social counterrevolution in Europe and the perspective of the PSG. The topic of the meeting has been changed, however, to reflect the most recent events. The US, British, French and German governments and their allies are preparing an imperialist crime in Syria. Based on lies and provocations, they want to bomb yet another Middle East country into submission. The claim that such military aggression is justified on humanitarian grounds, to protect Syrian civilians, is a lie. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The real aim of the imperialist powers is control of the Middle East and its vast oil reserves.

Broad sections of the former peace movement have changed sides and support the war. The Socialist Equality Party unconditionally rejects military intervention and fights to build an international anti-war movement based on the working class and armed with a socialist program. Online participants in the meeting require a current browser with a Flash plugin.

To participate, it is necessary to register before hand at the link:


Those who register will receive a link to the live video via email just before the broadcast. The meeting will be held in Frankfurt am Main at the following address:

Saalbau Dornbusch
Escher Landstrasse 248
(U1, 2, 3 Dornbusch)

To ensure that the online transmission begins on time, we ask attendees to come early. Two further international online meetings will be held on successive Sundays, in Bochum and Berlin. The PSG election campaign culminates on September 21 with a European Workers’ Rally Against War, Dictatorship and Social Cuts in Berlin.

All details available at: http://www.gleichheit.de/termine/en/