SEP and IYSSE public meetings: No to war and dictatorship!

Ten years after the invasion of Iraq, launched in violation of international law and based on lies about "weapons of mass destruction," the Obama administration is once again dragging the American people into war on false pretenses, this time against Syria.

After a decade of invasions and military occupations, the population is hostile to war. Aware of growing opposition to its policies at home and abroad, the US ruling class is systematically dismantling whatever remains of democratic rights. The government illegally records every email and phone call, spies on journalists, murders US citizens without trial, and imprisons and persecutes those who expose its crimes.

This drive towards dictatorship is rooted in the vast growth of inequality, which has eroded the social base of American democracy. The financial oligarchy, whose wealth is amassed through fraudulent conspiracies against the people, seeks to defend its wealth at any cost.

If war and dictatorship are to be stopped, the working class and youth must fight back! The SEP and its sister parties internationally call for the organization of demonstrations, rallies, teach-ins and other popular manifestations of anti-war sentiment against the war in Syria. These must be organized in workplaces and schools throughout the country

The working class must be armed with an independent program and perspective, based on the fight for equality and socialism. The Socialist Equality Party and International Youth and Students for Social Equality are holding a series of public meetings to expose the causes of war and the destruction of democratic rights and organize opposition.

We urge all our readers and supporters to become involved. Click here for more information on organizing a meeting or a demonstration in your area, and to be notified of future meetings.

Initial public meetings:

Berkeley, California
Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 pm
University of California, Berkeley
Evans Hall Rm. 85 Map

Tampa, Florida
Tuesday, September 10, 7:30 pm
University of South Florida
Marshall Student Center 3709
4103 Cedar Drive, Tampa, FL 33620 Map

Champaign, Illinois
Thursday, September 12, 6:00 pm
University of Illinois, GSLIS Building
Room 126 (use east entrance)
501 E. Daniel St. Map

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Thursday, September 12, 7:00 pm
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
151 Ford Hall
224 Church St SE Map
Speaker: SEP National Chairman David North

New York, New York
Saturday, September 14, 3:00 pm
University Settlement at Houston St.
273 Bowery, Manhattan
F Train to Second Ave Map
Speaker: SEP National Chairman David North

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Tuesday, September 17, 7:00 pm
University of Michigan North Campus
Pierpont Commons, Valley Room Map

Detroit, Michigan
Wednesday, September 18, 7:30 pm 
Wayne State University
Student Center, Room 16, Basement 
5221 Gullen Mall Map

Morehead, Kentucky
Wednesday, September 18, 7:30 pm
Morehead State University
Rader Hall Room 112
270 University Boulevard Map

Bozeman, Montana
Wednesday, September 18, 7 PM
Strand Union Building, Room 168
Montana State University Map

Annandale, Virginia
Thursday, September 19, 7:00 pm
Northern Virginia Community College
CN building, room 203

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tuesday, September 24, 7:00 pm
UWM Student Union Room 280
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd Map

San Diego, California
Wednesday, September 25, 6:00 pm
San Diego State University
Scripps Cottage Map

Chicago, Illinois
Thursday September 26, 6:00 pm
Northeastern Illinois University
Student Union Room 2150

Los Angeles, California
Saturday, September 28, 3:00 pm
South Pasadena Library Community Room
1115 El Centro Street, South Pasadena Map

Cambridge, Mass.
Tuesday, October 1, 7 PM
Cambridge YMCA
Afterschool room, 2nd floor
820 Mass. Ave,  Cambridge, MA 02139 Map